Liquor Dispenser Singular Bottle

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  • Fits 920ml(31oz)
  • Stands about 17″in tall
  • Includes shot glass
  • Joke can be altered; options in pictures
  • Unique gift item

This unique artisan wooden decanter makes the perfect gift! Use it to decorate the house, ranch, or to enjoy a few drinks with your loved ones. Each wooden decanter is made to stand out with unique jokes to share with loved ones. The product comes with a shot glass, glass bottle, decorative golden straps and wooden support. The product stands on it’s own.

How to use:

Our shot dispensers are easy to use. First we recommend cleaning it with water. After simply use a funnel to fill the bottle with liquor on the top part by removing the cork. After its full its ready to use! Remove the shot glass and pour yourself a shot!

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1 review for Liquor Dispenser Singular Bottle

  1. Laura

    I loved the jokes!

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