Brunello’s Leather Hat in Brown

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$94.99 $74.99

Save: 21.1%
  • Part of of Brunello’s Xonado Collection
  • Made with Brazilian bovine Leather
  • Color: Brown
  • Sweatband under the hat
  • Crown: 4″ Brim: 3′
  • Guaranteed to Stand Out

Brunello’s proudly offers unique bovine leather hats made in Brazil. This hat is very smooth on the top and well finished. Our hats are made with quality materials and features unique designs to make your hat stand out. They are light, comfortable and beautifully designed. They are made for everyday use whether at the ranch, at work or a day in the city.

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Our passion for leather led us to Brunello’s. A new brand with a bold statement. To stand out in today’s market while offering well-made leather products and cutting out the middleman. At Brunello’s we go from the hat makers directly to you.

5 reviews for Brunello’s Leather Hat in Brown

  1. Manuel

    Very Cool hat! Fits just right.

  2. Mauro

    Very well made hat. I love how smooth the leather is.

  3. Texas Stax

    I’m a native Texan so hats are a way of life for me. I’ve got everything from Stetsons to Outbacks and everything in between.
    I’ve resisted buying leather hats since I figured they suck in the Texas heat. However, it’s August in “Hot as Hell Texas” where the devil comes to get a tan and wearing this hat is as cool as a cucumber. The leather is beyond soft and buttery smooth. If you’re a Starbucks dwellin uptown socks and sandals kinda guy then stay the F away from this hat. BUT if you’re an off the beaten path rugged individualists Who give no F’s then you’ve found your hat amigo.
    You’re Welcome.

  4. Janet (verified owner)

    Great hat and quality. I’ve seen similar hats for double the price. Thank you for making such a great product.

  5. Danielle

    These hats are truly well made. The craftmanship is amazing!

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