Rewards Points - 5% Discount

Our rewards program has been created in order to provide maximum savings!

We know there are many retailers to choose from and we appreciate our

customer’s loyalty. Our rewards program was started with customers in mind.

After all we wouldn’t be here without you and we want to show we appreciate

your business! In our rewards program you will be able to earn points with

every purchase! First, you'll need to create an account.

Taben Western uses our online system to keep track of points. Our rewards

program is a great way to earn discounts and an easy one as well. You will be

able to earn points and use it for discounts at checkout or save up and receive

the product you always wanted for free! Every product has the required amount

of points in order to buy and it shows how many points you earn with every

purchase. Here is how it works. You complete your first purchase for a boot that

costs $154.99. You will earn 150 points. 1 dollar = 1 point. Each point is equivalent

to .05 cents or 5% on your total purchase. So by spending $150 dollars you earned

155 points which equals $7.75 dollar credit for your next purchase! Rewards points

can be used anytime including holidays, weekends and combined with other offers!

We appreciate your business!